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What makes a fake tan product best for pale skin.

House of Tan has the best fake tan products for pale skin! They all have these very important qualities; firstly they should be good for your skin, using products that don’t have the health of your skin at the focus is a big red flag. Secondly, pale skin usually responds best to a lightweight tanning mouse of lotion that is at medium strength at the highest end of the spectrum.

You should test the product in an inconspicuous place first and leave if for 24 hours to let it gradually set for all the true tone to show.

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Tanning Drops

House of Tan tanning drops gives you a great opportunity to use your favourite moisturiser as the base and add a controlled measure of tanning drops to the mix. This will allow you to control exactly how much you need to use to get the exact desired tan. The idea is to use very little and build up slowly over a couple of days.

The whole strategy is about mixing up a small batch of moisturiser into a secondary pot and adding a quarter or half a drop of tanning drops and mixing it in. Use the new mixture and wait for 24 hours to see how it turns out. If you would like a slightly deeper tan, then you can add another small amount to your mix and re-apply. Again, wait 24 hours for the tan to set. and before you know it, you will have figured out your exact mix to gain the desired tan. 

This is by far the best way to get the best fake tan for pale skin.

The great part is you only really have to d this once, at the point that you have measured your ratio of moisturiser/ lotion to tanning drop you will be able to double up very easily and now you have a bespoke tanning product specifically for your complexion.

Skin Complexions

You might be surprised to find out, no two skin complexions are exactly the same, we all have a slightly different shade that is part of our DNA and the process of getting the right tanning product for pale skin is about getting your own personal mix right and definitely using a tanning mitt, so often tanners try to just use their hands to apply tanning products, leaving them with areas that they couldn’t reach properly and streaky due to the imperfect design of our hands and fingers for applying a smooth application. Even if a friend or loved one helps you apply it, if they don’t use a mitt, you are almost guaranteed to have imperfect unnatural areas that are tanned more than others.

Love your SkinĀ 

As long as you invest in quality products, take your time to pick the light strength tanning products to start with or mix the right number of tanning droplets into your other skin care products and apply with a mitt. We also recommend having some tan remover to hand just in case you go further than you like with the depth of your tan.

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