original recipe

A self tanner, tan extender and moisturizer in one. This lightweight mousse gradually builds a healthy golden sun kissed glow while hydrating glycerin conditions and keeps skin hydrated for up to 48 hours. Perfect for first time tanners and all skin tones.


A Lightweight nourshing self tan lotion enables you to apply your tan with ease that develops into a deep dark bronze. Ideal for those wanting healthy natural-looking, deep, dark tanning results.

summer & winter

A tinted, fast-drying, non-tacky self tan bronzing mist for fast, easy application with an ultra fine 360-degree spray perfect for those hard to reach places. Ideal for those wanting deep, dark airbrushed tanning results.

Get the tan of your dreams with House of Tan

luxury, premium, exquisite

House of Tan tanning lotion is your skins best-kept secret. You no longer need a sun-soaked holiday to achieve a flawless, natural-looking tan. What’s even better, is that our range of luxury tanning lotions are good for your skin too!

– House of Tan


Confidence is Key

over 100 years

We focus on making all-inclusive, premium tanning products that make everyone feel comfortable and confident in their skin, as well as protecting the youth of your skin and preventing premature ageing.

Purchase from our store today and receive your items in 3-5 days – Money back guarantee if you’re not happy!

original recipe

A lightweight self tan mousse that develops into a beautiful deep natural bronze. Ideal for those with lighter complexions or those new to self tanning.


Illuminating self tanning drops, you control your glow. Transform your moisturiser, serum or oil into your own customised limitless natural sun-kissed shades. Ideal for face and décolletage area for a radiant glow.

Self Tan Mousse Violet Dark
by House of Tan

summer & winter

A violet-base lightweight self tan mousse that develops into a deep dark Mediterranean inspired tan. Ideal for those with yellow skin undertones or those who simply want a deep, dark exotic flawless, airbrushed finished tan.

Self Tan Lotion
House of Tan

simple & luxurious

A Lightweight nourshing self tan lotion enables you to apply your tan with ease that develops into a deep dark bronze. Ideal for those wanting healthy natural-looking, deep, dark tanning results.

"I was nervous at first to try tanning lotion, but I now regret not trying it sooner!"
Casey Simpson
Fashion Designer
"Great product, I now sear by House of Tan"
Johan Doen
"OMG I luv the tan drops! I just add a few drops to my moisturizer and bam I'm good to go! I luv my new golden tone"

#treatyourself #houseoftan

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"et abundare faciat caritatem in ipsum primis" 
(love yourself first and love will abound)
crafted with vision

Build your tan and take it to the next level

your skin is royalty

Our formula works wonders on all types of tanners, whether you are a tanning expert to a first-timer, and all types of skin tones, from light to deeper complexions. Achieving your perfect tan is easy with our buildable tanning products that let you to build your tan to your desired shade, so whether you’re looking for the best subtle fake tan or the best fake tan for legs – we’ve got you covered!

Say no to sun damage!

House of Tan products are routed around ensuring you don’t damage their skin in expense for the best-looking tan. We love that you can achieve a beautiful, natural-looking glow, without the harsh consequences that come with increased sun exposure or damage from sunbeds.

What’s even better is that there are no unwanted tan lines, or red sunburn patches that are caused from increase sun exposure – just an all over, beautiful glow, allowing you to feel confident head to toe.

Our tanning products are also packed with moisture-rich premium formula, that works to soften your skin and prevent your skin from drying out. This will protect and maintain your tan allowing it to fade out naturally, rather than cracking – which is a pet peeve of tanners all over the world!


The key to a natural-looking tan is using our unique tanning lotions alongside the House of Tan tanning mitt. Achieve an instant glow, with as little as one pump of our best-selling tanning mousse and apply with House of Tan’s tanning mitt for a streak-free fake tan application. Apply to clean, dry and exfoliated skin to achieve best results and reapply to deepen or prolong your colour. To read more on the best method to apply your fake tan, read our advice here.

Our products

Whether you are looking for a gradual tanning lotion, perfect for a subtle tan, or a fast-developing tanning mousse before an event or night out, we’ve got you covered. 

All of our premium formula tanning products allow you to maintain an envious glow all year round – making way for a 5-star holiday tan at a fraction of the price.

About us

Our Jamaican and Nigerian heritage, has taught us the importance of looking after our skin, and more importantly, to love it. 

We have spent many years perfecting our tanning products and testing them to make sure they work for all types of people, and we’re so happy with what we’ve created.

When we started House of Tan we always had the mission to show people that they can achieve an envious, beautiful glow without the expense of a sun-soaked holiday, or even worse – skin damage. From then on, we created a luxury tanning lotion, that we, and many of our customers believe is one of the best fake tanning lotions on the market.


"et abundare faciat caritatem in ipsum primis"
(love yourself first and love will abound)
House of Tan
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